By Julie Winsel

Visual Arts Week kicks off this Friday with the first official First Friday ArtWalk in nearly a year and a half. Through the efforts of the Lane Arts Council, City of Eugene Cultural Services, Maude Kerns Art Center, and the many galleries, businesses with local-art-covered walls, and visual artists of all types in our area, August 6 through 13 will bring windowfront exhibitions, exhibit openings, awards programs, workshops, and much more.

To celebrate, we’ve put together stories from our archives that highlight a few of the many visual artists and groups around Lane County.

For a full list of events, workshops, installations, and more, visit here.


Maude’s Legacy | The Maude Kerns Art Center is an art institution, with rotating exhibitions, classes, and spaces dedicated to creating.

Top Galleries | Last April, we asked you, our readers to nominate your favorites for our inaugural “Top Picks.” Which galleries made the list?

Into the Archives | Behind the scenes at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is an ever-expanding archive of art pieces, which are all carefully documented, stored, and readied for exhibition.

Neighborhood Press | Whiteaker Printmakers has made its mark since opening in 2015, offering space for and the ability to learn many printmaking techniques including etching, woodcut, monotype, collagraph, screenprinting, and letterpress.


The Eugene Art Scene

Top Artists | Last April, we asked you, our readers to nominate your favorites for our inaugural “Top Picks.” Which local artists made the list?

Arts in Abundance | The Creative Sector, a coalition of local artists and arts advocates, has taken on a mission to shape and better define the scale of local arts activities and their impact on our lives.

Public Art

Mural Magic | In 2017, we covered the first round of 20×21 Murals decorating our streets and walls. Nearly overnight, our city was transformed into a dynamic canvas, starting with the works of Hua Tunan, Telmo Miel, Hush, Hyuro, JAZ, Blek le Rat, Dan Witz, and local artist Ila Rose.

Intricate Whimsy | Pete Goldlust has brought his love for whimsy, fun, and pieces that need deeper looks to Eugene, with a full and diverse portfolio already behind him.

The Window Painter | Transforming local businesses’ windows into ever-evolving works of art, Leif Lorenzen brings fun, character, and second looks to storefronts.

The Whimsical Sculptor | Bronze sculptor Peter Helzer (the artist behind the iconic Ken Kesey sculpture in downtown Eugene as well as other local art landmarks) has created more than 100 pieces on display around the Pacific Northwest since the 1980s.



City of Rose | In 2017, we covered the first round of 20×21 Murals decorating our streets and walls. Local artist Ila Rose was at the center, installing a three-story mural that covers 2,400 square feet and features a connection to the earth and the power of women.

The Painting Pharmacist | “If it wasn’t for color, I wouldn’t be a painter…I just go crazy about color; I go overboard.” —Sarkis Antikajian, artist

Finding the Light | Watercolor artists Chuck Roerich has had a lifetime of inspiration, but has only recently been able to capture it in his fantastic paintings.

Painting Daydreams | Shana Trumbly’s mystical and nature-inspired paintings are dreamy, filled with icons, and emotionally expressive animals.


Wearable Art

Stitches in Time | Jonna Hayden’s work is worn by performers, including those in local performing groups like the Eugene Ballet, Eugene Opera, and Ballet Fantastique. Her costumes must be intricate enough to enchant audiences, but light and flexible enough for the wearer’s comfort while performing.

Against the Grain | David Walker’s unusual approach to women’s fashion has won him international acclaim. Each piece of wearable wooden art seems to inspire and encourage the next.

The Edge of Fashion | Marjorie Taylor (former owner of Velvet Edge Boutique, which is now closed) has always made unconventional art, with wearable statement pieces and vegan taxidermy at the center.



The Lampworker  | “‘Experiments in color’ are what I called my first marbles. . . . I crushed or filed all types of mineral samples, pieces of meteorites, old pottery glazes, even dirt from my yard. I blended this with molten clean gas in hopes of producing colors and a compatible usable color glass.”—Bob Snodgrass, Godfather of Glass

Artistic Pyromania | “I’ve always felt like humans divide things too simply into just two opposing categories—good or evil, black or white, right or wrong—and that we overlook a lot of the nuance and other possibilities, or miss the larger truths.” —Jud Turner

Wood, Steel, and Stone | Three skilled sculptors set up shop in a nondescript warehouse in West Eugene, honing their unique approach to creating three-dimensional pieces of art as the Eugene Sculpture Group.

Sacred Geometry | Ken Standhardt uses can openers and other nontraditional pottery tools to sculpt clay mugs, urns, bowls, tumblers, and more that feature fractal geometry—each kerf made by hand.


Now on Display

Black Lives Matter Artists Grant Exhibit | Now through November 21 | Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, 1223 University of Oregon

Mayor’s Art Show | August 6 through September 6 | Maurie Jacobs Community Room, Hult Center, 1 Eugene Center

Salon des Refusés | August 7 through September 1 | New Zone Gallery, 110 E 11th Ave.

Eugene Biennial Award Winners | Now through August 21 | Karin Clarke Gallery, 760 Willamette St.

ArtCity Studios on Broadway | Ongoing | Basement of the Quackenbush Building, 160 E Broadway

Architecture of Dream | Now through August 21 | ANTI-AESTHETIC, 245 W 8th Ave.

From the Stave to the Dowel: Asian Hanging Scrolls | August 6 through September 18 | White Lotus Gallery, 767 Willamette St.

Work of more than 250 local artists on display throughout the hotel | Ongoing | The Gordon Hotel, 555 Oak St.

Community exhibitions | Ongoing | Epic Seconds, 30 E 11th Ave.

MECCA Object Afterlife Art Challenge | August 6 through September 10 | OSLP Arts and Culture Program, Lincoln Gallery, 309 W 4th Ave., #100

Imagery Overload | Now through August 27 | Maude Kerns Art Center, 1910 E 15th Ave.