By Eugene Magazine

It’s planting season! That means it’s time to rehome your seedlings, sow fresh seeds, and really dig in the dirt. To inspire you, we’ve put together a collection of stories from our archives outlining landscaping and planting trends, ideas for your next project, and local businesses to help you along the way.


Landscaping Trends

What’s big in outdoor living? See the latest in technologies, hardscaping, using wood, pergolas, and more. No matter what, being outside is so hot right now.


Moss Garden

Moss is easy to grow (even in the shade!), can assist with erosion control, and is even walkable! Read on to find out how to plant your own moss garden.


Vertical Planting

Living walls use less space, purify the air, and help insulate indoors spaces while making a beautiful and positive impact. Is a living wall right for your home?


Outdoor Hearth

A summer evening is perfectly complemented by deep conversations or star gazing by the light of a fire pit. And these fire pits can be anything from a properly guarded hole in the ground to the central feature of your yard.


The Garden as Refuge

I am grateful and happy to be afforded the luxury of just simply sitting there, soaking up, relaxing, and enjoying. My cares about the world beyond seem to disappear for a while. My garden is a sanctuary.


Into the Rhododendron Garden

The beauty on display at the rhododendron garden at Hendricks Park can give you hope for more warm and colorful days to come and inspiration for planting in your own garden. Get a peek of what’s on display and learn more about the history of the garden.


Fox Hollow Creek Nursery

“My place is eclectic. Think of a guy playing in a one-man band and really going for it. That’s what I’m doing here.”
— Fox Hollow Creek Nursery owner, Michael Kaszycki


Fire Resistant-Gardening

It’s hard to ignore the fact that summer brings higher fire risks. But you can plant and build your garden for fire resistance, hopefully mitigating too much damage should flames come your way.


Tree Life

There are many local businesses and people who speak for our trees, including Sperry Tree Care, Friends of Trees Eugene, and many departments within the City of Eugene.


Northwest Garden Nursery

With their expansive garden nursery, Marietta and Ernie O’Byrne raise about 1,000 plants on their one-and-a-half-acre farm. A few years ago, they came out with a book, A Tapestry Garden, detailing their history and featuring beautiful photos of the greenery and more around the nursery.


Feeding Your Soil

“Feed your soil, and the soil will feed your plants.”



Planting the Seed

Territorial Seed Company are seed experts, complete with a large and vibrant farm to test new seeds and plants in Willamette Valley’s unique soil and weather conditions. Check out their advice on what to plant now.


Who to visit:

Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery | 83331 Marlow Rd. | 541/521-9907

Down to Earth Home and Garden | 532 Olive St. | 541/342-6820

Eugene Backyard Farmer | 501 Washington St. | 541/485-3276

Fox Hollow Creek Nursery | 853 W 28th Ave. | 541/345-4084

Grays Gardens | 737 W 6th Ave.; 541/345-1569 | 4489 Main St., Springfield; 541/357-5431

Jerry’s Home Improvement | 2600 OR-99 | 541/689-1911

Johnson Brothers Garden Market | 91444 Coburg Rd. | 541/484-1649

Lane Forest Products | 2111 Prairie Rd.; 541/345-9085 | 3409 Franklin Blvd., Springfield; 541/345-9085

Laurel Bay Gardens | 88493 US-101, Florence | 541/997-5973

Little Red Farm Nursery | 1020 S 42nd St., Springfield | 541/744-0372

Log Cabin Nursery | 3820 Hayden Bridge Rd., Springfield | 541/953-9316

Oregon’s Constant Gardener | 990 Garfield St. | 541/636-4220

Outdoor Elements | 305 Oakway Rd. | 541/505-9373

Pierce Street Gardens | 2008 Pierce St. | 541/343-3575

Rexius | 150 OR-99 | 541/342-1835

Rogers Gardens | 1792 N 42nd St., Springfield | 541/726-5532

Territorial Seed Company | 20 E Palmer Ave., Cottage Grove | 800/626-0866