By Jessica Goddard

Nothing says “home” like the smell of fresh-baked cookies, the clanging of dishes, or the chatter of families cooking together—sounds that all stem from the kitchen. Whoever’s preparing the food, the kitchen provides the setting for the most basic human needs: nourishment and community.

Yet, this vital space in the home can prove stressful when cupboards are ill-placed and counters too small.

Many homeowners don’t really think about optimizing their kitchens and bathrooms, instead settling for what they have when they could have something really amazing, says Forrest Castile, owner and lead designer at Castile Kitchen & Bath. “Operating in one of these spaces that’s designed very, very well can bring so much joy and satisfaction and ease and comfort to the things we need to do in our lives.”

Castile Kitchen & Bath, a family-owned construction business based in Eugene, calls the kitchen the “focal point and the heart of the home.”

“That’s where everything happens,” says Jen Castile, co-owner and business manager. “That’s where people are living their lives.”

“The kitchen is also the thing that creates part of the value of the home when you look to sell it,” Jen adds. “For me, if that’s something that’s going to benefit you down the road, you may as well live in a space that you enjoy and that functions well, where you can make long-lasting great memories with your family.”

Castile mastered the process of designing and renovating kitchens as the company built its reputation as one of Eugene’s premier construction companies.

They believe projects should begin with the people. When a homeowner finds the people they want working on their house, they can collaborate to create the owner’s ideal kitchen.

“We’re recommending that people pick the team they are going to work with first and work with their design team to discuss budget issues and ultimate desired outcomes for the project,” he says.

Being comfortable with the team designing your kitchen is necessary for many reasons, one of which is the amount of time they will spend in your home. A general kitchen renovation typically takes 10 to 12 weeks, but it can sometimes last much longer depending on the project.

Communication is the building block of every project Castile take on. They make a point to meet with everyone involved in making decisions and hear how they envision the renovated space. Then, before they start the design, they solidify the cost.

“Setting aside the right budget up front is what really contributes to a successful design project,” Forrest says.

Once the cost is set, the designers use 3D software to measure the space and plan the most effective use of it. With the assistance of Castile’s team, the homeowners decide on colors, tiles, lighting, and other decorating details that the designers incorporate into the 3D models. Before Castile begins construction, the owners can see almost exactly what their finished kitchen will look like.

“Kitchens and bathrooms are those functional spaces in the house that, you know, anybody can make a space like that look pretty, but to make this space really, really work takes some experience and some expertise,” Forrest says. “And that’s where my passion is.”

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Photos courtesy of Castile Kitchen & Bath