By Brandy Rodtsbrooks

For Elliott Specialty Metal owner Jason Elliott and his six-person team, pragmatic design that marries form and function is in their DNA. This is obvious even in their office, with its thoughtful curation of detail and utilitarian simplicity. The brushed metal project board, for example, adds a tasteful architectural element to the small space while also outlining the list of to-dos. It all echoes the skill and care they bring to a diverse grouping of projects.

“Our goal is to refine everything down to its essence and then execute it in the most pragmatic way possible,” Elliott says.

Elliott Specialty Metal has been a part of the Eugene ecosystem for more than 30 years. They’ve partnered on a range of projects, from adding unique metal elements that transform a staircase into the architectural focus of a home to turning a privacy screen into the brand narrative for a business, plus more modest endeavors.

“We’re not opposed to welding the handle back on your frying pan,” Elliott says. “This shop doesn’t discriminate against jobs being too small or too large; we try to serve the community at large.”

Looking at their robust body of work reveals a wealth of projects threaded together by their sense of thoughtful curation and a well-executed vision. They’ve built a spiral staircase around a glass elevator in a way that seems to tell a story of fragility and strength. They’ve skillfully tackled branded elements for Eugene favorites, like The Kiva and Threadbare Print House.

Elliott Specialty Metal is a family business. Elliott joined his father in 1993 as a partner, taking the helm 10 years ago when his father retired. In the 17 years that Elliott has been a part of the business, he’s seen it evolve a bit each year from high-end residential projects to production for retail experiences. Tackling this wide range of projects can pose a challenge, but it also helps balance the team’s skillsets and builds their expertise. For Elliott and his team, it’s a point of pride to bring their depth of skill to match a client’s vision in a way that meets the intended practical application.

“Our strength is built around the craftsmanship of our long-term employees, and that is truly the unique service that we provide,” Elliott says.

Elliott’s seasoned team also benefits from having watched tastes shift in the Eugene area, from copper finishes to stainless steel, for example, and the ascent of a more industrial architectural style. Elliott has seen trends move toward more contemporary residential looks and has been drawn to this strategic yet simplistic functional design.

His team works closely with partners in both development and architecture, using their skills to execute designs that minimize cost while maximizing the design benefit for the client. Their thoughtful and utilitarian approach leverages the team’s extensive knowledge and craftsmanship in a way that serves their clients well.

Elliott says he feels a strong sense of pride and accomplishment when he sees his team’s work around Eugene, be it commercial sculptural elements, branded signs, or metal window frames. “You can easily forget the sum total of the things that you’ve done, and so to be mindful of that while you’re driving around town makes you really honored to have been a participant in all those diverse projects,” Elliott says.

Their work also extends beyond Eugene. In recent years, the team has worked on projects in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and other areas across California. Broadening their reach has been a good source of growth and an exciting opportunity.

The company’s ethos continues to attract thoughtful partners and projects, helping Elliott Specialty Metal transform the community year after year.

“We’re known as problem-solvers,” Elliott says. “We have the depth of skill to look at something and assess if there is a practical way of going about it, and then participate in the design process to make it better.”