By Julie Winsel

The last year has changed how we work. With many of us working from home or seeking alternative, sometimes virtual, forms of employment, we may be feeling the want for an office environment that’s not just a desk squeezed into the corner of your living room where distractions abound.

Enter: The District. A mix of flex desk space, assigned desk space, meeting rooms, and office suites, The District meets the need for those who want an office space but maybe don’t need a full office all the time. With modern lounge areas, a fully stocked coffee and tea bar within the kitchenette, 24/7 secure access, showers and a locker room, private phone booths and meeting rooms and more, the amenities are on point, too. And you can’t beat the location: looking over the 5th Street Public Market out of floor-to-ceiling windows.

The District has a lot of different options:

  • Flex desk space for when you want to get away but don’t need a permanent spot
  • Dedicated desk to call your home base
  • Private offices that can house one to 10 people and can be used for a formal office space or anything else your business needs (like a photo studio!)

In organizing and planning The District spaces, managing director Amanda Yankovich says that they had COVID in mind, spacing out desks and building more private offices. They have full protocols in place if an infection should arise.


The District

590 Pearl St., Ste. 300