By Eugene Magazine

Happy New Year! Whether or not you believe in New Year’s resolutions, or whether or not your resolutions are still intact three weeks into the year, there’s a certain sense of renewal that comes with every year. This year, some members of our staff are trying to better ourselves and our lives by taking small steps.

More creative output

Megan Keough, staff wildcard

This year, Megan is setting the resolution to do more painting, drawing, and journaling, and also committing to reading more books. If you’re also interested in increasing your creative output, we recommend taking a class to hone your skills and get your creative juices flowing.

Moving in

Aviva Stuart, director of operations

Having recently purchased and moved into a house, Aviva’s goal is to make that house a home so that she and her family can really start growing roots there. There are many ways to make your home more personal and comfortable. Creating functional, but relaxing spaces can make your home feel like a sanctuary.

Making the right choices

Favorite of Julie Winsel, editor

For Julie, 2019 is the year that she is going to try to make the right choices. This includes dietary, financial, and otherwise. When there are options available, it’s easy to choose the one that has more cheese on it or buy things that give instant gratification, but might not be the best for your overall health or wallet. Everything in moderation, of course, but taking small opportunities to make the right choice can make a huge difference in the long run