By Rachael Carnes

The beverage aisle is crowded with choices. Tempting flavors and colors beckon as the weather turns warmer and we start to spend more time outside. A new company wants to get your attention, and Sohr Performance Nutrition offers something special.

“Sohr is the only athletic recovery beverage made with a base of hazelnut milk,” says Joey Jaraczewski, Sohr CEO and co-founder. “Hazelnut milk is nutritionally dense, naturally providing more protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins than almond milk. This helps to speed the efficiency of post-workout recovery.” Sohr’s hazelnut milk is pressed from hazelnuts grown organically in Oregon. “We get to work with farmers to expand their environmentally sustainable practices,” Jaraczewski says.

Each bottle of Sohr is crafted in Cottage Grove. “Sohr is currently made fresh, meaning it has a seven-day shelf life,” Jaraczewski says. “We make our own hazelnut milk and are finalizing our organic certification for 2018.”

Sohr currently offers three varieties:

  • Turmeric ginger: Made with hazelnut milk, apple juice, ginger juice, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels, hemp protein, turmeric powder, maple syrup, and sea salt, this flavor tastes earthy and fresh with a uniquely botanical, refreshing appeal.
  • Vanilla maple: This flavor has the same base, hazelnut milk, but with the addition of coconut milk, hemp protein, sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, and a dash of maple syrup. The drink has a nutty mouthfeel, creamy but not cloying. It’d be great after a workout or as a pick-me-up during that afternoon slump, instead of the typical sugar/caffeine combo.
  • Dark chocolate sea salt: Full disclosure, we’d eat anything made of dark chocolate, and the dark chocolate sea salt Sohr is our favorite, with hazelnut milk, coconut milk, hemp protein, cacao powder, sunflower kernels, and pumpkin seeds. Rich and creamy, this drink’s like a liquid brownie, but not too sweet. Two thumbs up!

Jaraczewski and “Team Sohr” worked with registered sports nutritionists at the University of Oregon to ensure that they had the right formula for post-workout recovery.

“The best time to drink Sohr is right after a vigorous workout, when your body calls for the excess protein and carbohydrates that our recipes contain,” Jaraczewski says.

That’s great for athletes, but what about the rest of us?

“Many of our customers are everyday folks who drink Sohr as a meal replacement,” Jaraczewski says. “It’s an effective alternative to a hasty breakfast or a working lunch.”

Jaraczewski says that Sohr will soon launch a pasteurized product that will enable statewide distribution. But they won’t stray far from their Track Town roots.

“Our team always knew that Sohr was a great product for the running community,” Jaraczewski says. “But we’ve also found an interested audience in the climbing, Crossfit, and yoga communities.”

You can find Sohr at Sequential Biofuels, Sundance Natural Foods, Kiva Grocery, Capella Market, and the Fresh Corner Market on the UO campus.

“We also offer direct delivery,” Jaraczewski says. “We will deliver Sohr in bulk after your group training session or after a competitive event.”

Sohr Performance + Nutrition, Inc.

Available in many grocery stores in Eugene and Portland