By Eugene Magazine

Our county is beautiful. We have bountiful and thriving forests, flowing rivers and easy ocean access, and other natural wonders at our fingertips. Lane County is also rife with urban allures, calling us with lights, people, and where human and world interact. We asked local photographers to submit their photos that showcase our county’s life and character, displayed here. See all of our submissions (and contribute your own) at #whywelivehereeug on our Instagram.

NORMAN GOO – The Jazz Station, 2018

DOMINICK BARBERO – Walnut Ridge Winery, 2017

MIKAEL KRUMMEL – Eugene Pro Rodeo, 2017

MICHAEL ANGIER – Downtown, 2018

MICHAEL B. WILKES – Winding road, 2017

NORMAN GOO – Rose Garden, 2018

JACOB PACE – Fern Ridge Lake, 2018