By Caitlin Vargas

Threadbare Print House

If your clothes tell a story, then the tale of Threadbare Print House & Design Lab has sustainability as the protagonist. Founded in 2010 by Amy Baker, this women-run, artist-driven company has deep roots in the Willamette Valley. “When my sons were young and would be napping, I would be working with my neighbor who was an artist,” recalls Eugene native Baker. “The beginning wasn’t easy as I had to teach myself to screen print, but eventually I grew my business out of my garage and into a commercial space.”

Illustration by Liza Burns

From the very beginning, Baker was committed to growing Threadbare with high standards for the way employees were incorporated into the business, and with environmental sustainability in the forefront. She explains, “We have been committed since day one to using only water-based inks, which create a softer print and are easier on the environment.”

As a thriving entrepreneur for more than a decade, Baker hopes to see more businesses owned and operated by women emerge in the Eugene community. Knowing that failing is part of the process but having the right people around you can make the difference, she states. “I can’t imagine doing anything else than right where I am at with Threadbare. It is truly thrilling and calamitous at the same time, but I love it. I hope that women entrepreneurs know that the best thing they can do is learn to trust themselves in the process.” 

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