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  1. Debra Long (verified owner)

    I love this magazine and want t gift a new subscription to my son’s family who just moved to Eugene

    • Megan Keough

      Thank you!! There are gift options available at checkout for subscribing loved ones. Happy holidays!

  2. David Gardner

    I want to know what is going on in the arts and architecture around Eugene. The newspaper at 73.20 for 12 weeks has become of little value to me. Wish your magazine would be published more often.

  3. Judy Kemp

    Eugene magazine is a good way to keep up with the arts around Eugene

  4. Jenny Sirnio

    An excellent resource to keep up on happenings in the Eugene metropolitan area.

  5. Nancy Dudley (verified owner)

    Since I live in Central Oregon, it is pure nostalgia to read about my home town in Eugene Magazine.

  6. Bill and Jeri Kunerth (verified owner)

    love this magazine and learning about my area.

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