By Dante Zuniga-West

As we settle in for the winter, growing accustomed to cloudy days and cold temperatures, a little comfort can go a long way. Nothing warms your spirit like good food that hits the spot. Plentiful in Eugene, comfort food spans all cultures and lifestyles.

Elk Horn Brewery

686 E Broadway

Mon-Thurs, 11 am-10 pm; Fri-Sat, 11 am-11 pm; Sun, 11 am-9 pm

While the list of local, family-owned gastropubs capable of serving up comfort food is admittedly short in Eugene, Elk Horn Brewery sits near the top. Their smoked brisket will warm you to your core with its blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans, and blackberry balsamic BBQ sauce. We’d be foolish not to point you in the direction of their Shrimp Po Boy or their chicken and waffles, which are arguably the best in town. Still, nothing turns a frosty winter evening into a warm, relaxing time like a pint of beer. Elk Horn’s tap list boasts a wide range of craft brews and ciders that can turn any ill-fated day into a cheerful night.


South Eugene location

1340 Alder St.

Mon-Sun, 7 am-9 pm

UO Campus location

2588 Willamette St.

Mon-Thurs, 6:30 am-9 pm; Sat-Sun, 7 am-9 pm

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it provide the initial fuel we need to head out into the world, but it is also one of the first decisions we make upon waking. Sometimes the decision to gorge on hearty American diner food, like the ample selection at either of Glenwood’s locations, is just what the doctor ordered. We suggest either their Breakfast Skillet or their Pesto Shrimp Scramble. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try their Hazelnut French Toast. Don’t overlook the sausage gravy when you’re feeling extra saucy—it really is that tasty.

Cornbread Cafe

1290 W 7th Ave.

Mon-Sat, 9 am-9 pm; Sun, 9 am-3 pm

When it comes to chili, soup’s thicker cousin, the Cornbread Cafe has you covered. Their chili and cornbread dish will keep you content on even the most challenging winter day. If you’re looking to get even more down-home and Southern with your comfy winter meals, try their cheesy grits made with Chao cheddar, their bacon ranch burger, or their “Mac Uncheese;” you won’t be sorry.  100% vegan and 90% organic with locally-sourced ingredients, their food will leave you and the environment both happy.


Corny’s on 17th

295 W 17th Ave.

Mon-Sun, 8 am-10 pm

The Corn on 5th

207 E 5th Ave.

Mon-Sun 8 am-1 am

Do you seek comfort in really big burgers? Do you calculate each delicious bite, ignore the fries until later, and crave different sauces on your patties? We understand, and so does Cornucopia. We have three recommendations for those seeking solace in simmering ground beef: for the traditionalist, the Cheesy All-American Burger; for those folks who prefer their burgers tangy and western, try the Wild Bill Bacon BBQ Burger; for those select few who fear nothing in their quest for comfort and satiation, the Chicken Fried Burger will have you well on your way to both. But really, their whole menu will leave you fat and happy.

Soup Nation Cafe

525 High St.

Mon-Sat, 9 am-4 pm

Soup Carte: University of Oregon Campus

E 14th and Kincaid

See for hours

Soup is the ultimate comfort food. Whether you’re coming in from the cold and looking to warm up or home sick nursing yourself back to health, a hot bowl of soup can really make your day. Soup Nation knows this. They’ve made a point to keep things hot through the cold months and beyond. We suggest trying their mushroom barley soup or the curry red potato. For those meat-loving folks out there, make no mistake, the pork posole is where it’s at. Their soup menu changes daily, so check out their website for daily specials and offerings.

Beppe and Gianni’s Trattoria

1646 E 19th Ave.

Mon-Thurs, 5-9 pm; Fri-Sat, 5-10 pm; Sun, 5-9 pm

For some people, gourmet comfort food means handmade fettuccine and the overwhelming aromas of roasted garlic and tomato sauce. We’re right there with you. Beppe and Gianni’s Trattoria is a place to relax and unwind in an Italian-food fashion. Our top picks here are the Lasagna Della Casa, crafted with handmade pasta sheets layered with tomato sauce and béchamel, or the Ravioli Del Giorno, whose fillings change and are made daily. If you’re looking to take your spaghetti experience to the next level, select the puttanesca sauce for a spicy way to warm up winter.