By Mayor Sean VanGordon

People often ask why Springfield is special. Frankly, it’s the people. This issue of Eugene Magazine is filled with stories, accomplishments, and highlights of Springfield. All possible because of the people who have invested in Springfield. It’s the story of a place where you can build a life, start a family, start a business, and be at home. We are a community of opportunity.

Springfield is always growing and changing. New people bring new ideas, businesses, and their families to Springfield. We are a diverse, thriving community. Our legacy of success is built on us embracing that. Their stories become our stories. In the last 30 years, Springfield has grown in many ways. We’ve become a leader in innovative timber products and a regional healthcare hub. Health, manufacturing, and timber industries are important parts of our local economy. Our timber products, charcoal, contact lenses, food products, and sport products are shipped across the United States and globe. Those industries have infused work, innovation, and partnership into Springfield’s DNA. Our community wants to get things done and we take pride in working hard.

We’ve also worked hard to help create a downtown that is experiencing a fostered renaissance, and we continue our dedication to public arts and cultural events that celebrate the traditions of our diverse community members and other traditions from around the world. When you or your business move here, Springfield is here to support your dreams. We are a community of opportunity. As you read through this special Springfield-focused edition, you’ll see the story of partnership within the community. The things that everyone loves about Springfield couldn’t have been done without partnerships. The annual Spring Clean Up, growth in the Mohawk District, and the Springfield Chamber’s Work Ready program are all examples of success through partnerships. When one part of the community succeeds, we all succeed.

Springfield is an idea. A community of opportunity is our story, and our aspiration for our future. Our actions today will become the idea of Springfield for the young people who are our family and friends. As you read our stories, take time to reflect on the deeper story of Springfield. Be inspired by the sense of community. Be excited about the hope and work that is all around us. Be part of the dream. If you are from out of the area, I hope Springfield’s stories spark a desire to come visit, see the art, shop at our businesses, and experience our hospitality. If you are from Springfield, I hope these stories show you the wonder that people have when they experience our community.


Springfield Mayor Sean VanGordon