By Jessica Goddard

During the rainy days of an Oregon spring, nothing beats the wet weather blues like snuggling up in a cozy blanket with a good movie and that first bite of Alden’s ice cream melting on your tongue. For more than 10 years, Alden’s Organic Ice Cream has brought delectable ice cream with all-natural ingredients and an emphasis on health and community to sweets lovers nationwide.

Alden’s Organic Ice Cream is nestled in West Eugene. Since 2004, they have produced ice cream with all-organic ingredients in vibrant packages. Currently, they stand as the best-selling organic ice cream company in America.

“Alden’s has always been ‘all in’ on organic, and it is a pillar of the company because sharing what’s real is important to us,” says Kim Berry, Alden’s senior marketing manager.

Alden’s flavors range from classics like French vanilla and chocolate to specialties like peanut butter fudge, sold in “sqrounds” (their family-size container), cookie sandwiches, pints, dairy-free desserts, and ice cream bars. During the holiday season, they even release limited-edition flavors, like pumpkin spice and pink peppermint.

The key element of Alden’s is that it tastes like real ingredients—organic cocoa, for example, or real strawberries. “We craft flavors that aren’t too sweet and that taste unmistakably like the organic ingredients inside,” Berry says. “If the package says strawberry, we know you want it to taste like strawberry. Not strawberry-ish.”

Alden’s brand is one of two fathered by Oregon Ice Cream Company, a state treasure that has been serving sweet tastes from Eugene for more than 80 years. Oregon Ice Cream once had other brands beneath its umbrella, such as Julie’s Organic Ice Cream, which started in 1998. However, the company recently decided to consolidate its organic brands into one, merging Julie’s into Alden’s. Now they have two primary brands: Cascade Glacier and Alden’s Organic.

“We are a company that is rooted in innovation and tries to look beyond ourselves and do what is good for all,” Berry says. “We are proudly and progressively Oregon.”

Being champions of the organic movement is about more than jumping on trends for Alden’s. They offer wholesome ingredients because they want to bring the best to their customers.

“We believe that organic is better for everyone, from a personal after-dinner indulgence to a family gathering,” Berry says. “We believe that organic connections and celebrating life’s joyful messiness is the most irresistible way to live and take care of ourselves and our community.” Alden’s also says organic milk is the safest and cleanest milk found on the supermarket shelves, making their ice cream among the healthiest in the freezer section.

Alden’s serves more than just ice cream—they also serve a belief in the value of doing life together. Alden’s, Berry says, is “passionate about making ice cream that sparks a good time and brings people together.”

Organic ice cream lovers can find Alden’s treats to share with their friends at multiple locations. Alden’s products are sold at traditional grocery stores and several thousand natural and specialty stores, including Market of Choice.