By Isaac Waggoner

Warm weather is back and our dogs are just as excited as we are. Eugene is home to plenty of great dog parks, but it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect one for you and your dog. Each dog park has something that makes it a little different than the others. Whether you have a small dog that needs a more protected experience or you’ve got a dog who will run with a pack of any size, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best dog parks in the area, detailing what makes them so great.

Alton Baker Dog Park

Alton Baker Dog Park is a city park, and most city dog parks offer amenities such as wash-down stations, dog waste bag dispensers, drinking fountains for owners and their dogs, and benches. Alton Baker Dog Park is situated right along the beautiful Willamette River and provides four acres for dogs to roam and play. There are water bowls for drinking and large tubs for dogs to play in. With a sectioned area for small dogs, Alton Baker is one of the best parks in the area.

100 Day Island Rd.,Altonbakerpark

Amazon Dog Park

Amazon Dog Park is located on the east side of Amazon Park and is home to beautiful trees and a large area for dogs to play. There is a smaller area in the park for dogs 25 pounds and under; this is where Eugene created its first small dog park, in 2011. In the spring and summer there are buckets and kiddie pools filled with water for dogs to cool off and play in. Amazon is a great local park to come and watch your dog have fun running and playing with others. 22 Amazon Pkwy, amazondogpark

Armitage Dog Park

Situated off of I-5 on Coburg Road, Armitage Dog Park offers two acres of beautiful green fields and surrounding trees. This park requires a parking fee ($5 per day), but with the annual park pass ($40) or 10 hours of volunteering, it’s free. Even with paid parking, it’s worth the trip to Armitage Park, especially if you can enjoy the array of other amenities here such as a picnic shelter, hiking trails, boat ramp, and public access to the McKenzie River. 90064 Coburg Rd., Armitagedogpark

Candlelight Park

Candlelight Park is a great area with just about everything that makes a good dog park. The double-gated 3.5-acre park has areas designated for large and small dogs and provides adequate seating throughout. There is also a nicely sized walking trail around the perimeter, making it a great place to get in your steps while your dog enjoys play time. Royal Avenue and Throne Drive, CandlelightPark

Wayne Morse Family Farm 

The Wayne Morse Family Farm property is our only city park on the National Register of Historical Places. It offers a dog park so big that you wouldn’t think it’s fenced, but it is. Walking paths meander next to the grassy area, which allows you to get some exercise while your dog roams freely in the off-leash dog area. Park in the main lot and walk east down the gravel path to the fenced pasture. This park is definitely worth the visit, as the property itself is immersive and beautiful. 595 Crest Dr., WayneMorseFamilyFarm

Lively Park 

Lively Park is one of Springfield’s most beautiful parks, with an abundance of amenities including a four-acre dog park and a large playground and indoor water park for kids. The dog park has areas gated off for small and large dogs. With a large beautiful park and nice area for your dogs, it’s definitely worth checking out.

6100 Thurston Rd., WillamalaneLivelyPark

Elijah Bristow State Park

Elijah Bristow (not on illustration) is 20 minutes southwest of Eugene but it’s certainly worth the trip. Dogs are required to be on a leash throughout the extensive trail network that meanders along the Willamette River, but there is a large and scenic off-leash fenced area near the entrance. Head out for a hike in the Oakridge area and bring your dog — they’ll have a blast here. 38374 Wheeler Rd., Dexter, ElijahBristowStatePark