By Eugene Magazine

Bike culture is prevalent in all areas of Eugene. With our expansive trail systems, bike lanes along all major roads, and overall love for green transportation and feeling the wind in our hair, we all want to ride our bicycles, especially with the weather teasing us with the first glimpses of warmer weather. As of April 19, Eugene’s first bike-share program is up and pedaling, thanks to a partnership between PeaceHealth and JUMP Bikes, who have set up public bike share programs in cities across the globe. Now, 35 stations across central Eugene boast 300 total beautifully blue bikes available for check out and use.

The process is simple:

  1. Register by picking one their two plans (per trip or monthly) on their app, PeaceHealth Rides, or through their website:
  2. Release your bike of choice by typing in the right codes
  3. Ride the bike!
  4. Return the bike to any PeaceHealth Rides rack or, for an extra fee, lock it up at any public bike rack to be picked up

The bikes are equipped with GPS tracking so you always know if your favorite rack has bikes to check out, flagging for damaged bikes, and safety features to ensure a smooth ride without any hiccups. If you’re riding between destinations and aren’t ready to give up the bike yet, you can place a hold on it so no one else checks it out while you’re grabbing your coffee in a shop. There are also price subsidies for those in need.

“Eugene is so ready to embrace this program,” Lindsey Hayward, PeaceHealth Rides General Manager, said in a recent press release. “PeaceHealth Rides is the culmination of years of planning and research, and we’re confident it will be successful. And we’re so excited to be partnering with a healthcare organization that’s committed to the health and wellness of allcitizens.”

For a full map of stations, pricing information, promotions and discounts, and more information about the program, visit their website: