By Eugene Magazine

It’s the second week of November which means it is time to commemorate Florence’s exploding whale! You don’t know that story? Look it up and marvel at a quirky part of Oregon history. It’s also time for music representing many genres and new and continuing art exhibits.

November 10
Black Opry Revue
| Black Opry is a home for Black artists and Black fans of country, blues, folk, and Americana music. Black Opry invites you to discover, support, and enjoy the Black artists that help create the diversity in sound in the way these genres overlap. The Black Opry Revue showcases the Black artists who contribute to these genres. Hult Center,

November 10
Peter & Will Anderson Quintet featuring Siri Vik play Gershwin
| Grammy-winning Juilliard graduates Peter and Will Anderson and their jazz quintet welcome Siri Vik for an exploration of the works and life of George Gershwin. One of the most striking geniuses of modern music, Gershwin composed for Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, film, radio, and symphony orchestras, combining the sounds of jazz and European classical music. Selections will include “Rhapsody In Blue,” “I Got Rhythm,” “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” “Summertime,” “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” and “Embraceable You.” The Shedd,

November 11
Olga Volchkova at Karin Clarke Gallery
Did you miss the Friday Artwalk? Now is your opportunity to meet Olga Volchkova and ask her about her work and see her wonderful new show “Icons of Nature”! Olga will be at the Karin Clarke Gallery from noon to 2pm.

November 12
Florence’s 52nd Exploding Whale Festival | It’s that time of year again, when the community of Florence and cult exploding-whale lovers across the globe memorialize the famous whale occurrence. It happened one fateful afternoon on the shores of Florence, 52 years ago, November 12, 1970. A public 52nd Anniversary Exploding Whale Memorial celebration is planned Saturday, November 12 from noon – 8 pm at Homegrown Public House and Brewery, 24 Laurel Street in historic Florence Old Town. The celebration is open house style, family friendly, a little quirky, and a lotta fun.

Through November 13
University Theatre’s “She Kills Monsters” | 
When Agnes Evans loses her teenage sister Tilly in a car accident, she discovers that her sister was a powerful Dungeons & Dragons​​​ paladin commanding a fierce group of warriors. The only way Agnes can reconnect with her sister now is by immersing herself in Tilly’s imaginary world filled with vicious ogres, fantastical monsters, and a multi-headed dragon. The question is: Will Agnes have what it takes to survive the journey and reconnect with her estranged sister? Tickets are free for UO students. University Theatre,

November 14
Watkins Family Hour
| Watkins Family Hour is a collaborative musical project founded by musicians and siblings Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins and traditionally held at beloved Los Angeles club Largo. Since the first Watkins Family Hour show in 2002, the duo has released three studio albums, debuting with their self-titled album in 2015, following with Brother Sister in 2020 and, most recently, releasing Vol. II in August 2022. Sean and Sara recorded Vol. II at Los Angeles’s East West Studios in early 2022 alongside a stacked roster of longtime and new Family Hour collaborators, including Fiona Apple, Jackson Browne, Madison Cunningham, Lucius, Jon Brion, and more. As with their debut, the band will tour in support of Vol. II, bringing the Watkins Family Hour experiences to stages far and wide. Hult Center,

November 15
Black Fret & Bloodworks Northwest present Music’s In Our Blood Free Concert featuring Illuminati Hotties, Enumclaw and Eliza McLamb at WOW Hall
| As part of their Music’s In Our Blood Campaign, Bloodworks Northwest and their campaign partner Black Fret are producing a series of three free concerts featuring well known national and regional artists. This represents the third concert and the featured musicians include Illuminati Hotties, Enumclaw, and Eliza McLamb. The musicians will perform songs from across their catalog, discuss the ongoing blood shortage our region is currently facing, the importance of diversity in the blood supply, and how we can band together to increase blood donations and contribute to the health and vibrancy of our community. WOW Hall,

Through November 26
Karin Clarke Gallery’s “Icons of Nature”
| Enjoy new and original work by Eugene artist Olga Volchkova. “Icons of Nature” is a continued exploration of Volchkova’s love of plants, celebrating their magical, historical, and beneficial qualities. Karin Clarke Gallery,

Through November 26
Art in the Time of Enlightened Rule: Woodblock Prints From the Meiji Era (1868-1912)
| The Meiji Era (1868-1912) marked the transition of Japan from an isolated feudal society to a modern, industrialized nation and an emergent great power influenced by Western ideas. Some of the most noted artists include Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839-1892), Toyohara Kunichika (1835-1900) and Toyohara Chikanobu (1838-1912), and White Lotus is delighted to showcase their depictions of this era of Enlightened Rule. White Lotus,

Through December 18
“Many Wests” — The American West with the Smithsonian American Art Museum
| This exhibition presents an opportunity to examine previous misconceptions, question racist clichés, and highlight the multiple communities and histories that continue to form this iconic region of the United States. The exhibition is organized jointly by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and four nationally accredited art museums located in some of the fastest growing cities and states in the western region of the United States. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art,

JSMA Virtual Tours & “A Minute Exhibit”
| Explore 13 JSMA exhibitions from your home in a series titled “A Minute Exhibit.” Occurring daily. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art,