By EM Staff

The holiday season seems to be defined by traditions. From picking up a tree, always hosting a big dinner for the final night of Hanukkah, or watching certain movies, there are things that we all do every year to celebrate the season. Everyone does things a little differently and the staff at Eugene Magazine is no exception. Here’s how we ring in the holidays:

Christmas Vacation and one gift on Christmas Eve

Favorite of Megan Keough, staff wildcard

There are many Christmas movies that span all eras. For Megan, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacationis the perfect way to spend her Christmas Eve while opening one gift. This quotable classic and opening one gift sets the mood for the big day, getting everyone excited for the gifts, food, and family to come.

A giant tree and opening all gifts the day before

Favorite of Lanny Olivier, EM president

At the Olivier house, all gifts–stashed underneath their annual 20-foot tree–are opened on Christmas Eve. Gifts from Santa are the exception, which are opened Christmas morning with an Off the Waffle liege waffle in hand. Christmas Eve dinner always includes Alaskan King crab legs, with prime rib for dinner on Christmas day.

“Christmas Eve Gift”

Favorite of Joshua Purvis, advertising and marketing

Joshua and his siblings have continued his mom’s tradition to be the first to say “Christmas Eve Gift” to each other the morning of Christmas Eve. Having a saying that you always share is a simple way to show love and celebrate the holiday season.

Baking and lights

Favorite of Aviva Stuart, director of operations

Winter is comfort food season. The Stuart family fires up their oven and stovetop to create delicious breads, cookies, and peppermint bark to share with loved ones. If you’re doing your own baking, load up the delicious goodies and start exploring town, looking for the twinkling lights folks have decorated their houses and yards with.

White Christmas with the tree

Favorite of Julie Winsel, editor

After cutting down the tree and hauling it into the house, Julie puts on White Christmas while decking the tree out in lights, tinsel, and ornaments. Singing along to the movie makes the tree decorating even more fun and provides the perfect balance of Christmas music and Christmas movie.

We hope you have an amazing holiday season that is joyful, fun-filled, and relaxing! Happy Holidays!